Vodafone Review

Vodafone is one of the best known mobile carriers, not just in the United Kingdom but all around the world. The network is characterized by strong reception everywhere and high speed internet services that are among the best in the industry. The network offers some very attractive plans in the UK with great deals on various Smartphone’s and even has SIM only plans for those who wish to use their own phone. It offers all the flexibilities that you would want such as easy upgrading and combo plans for broadband services and so forth.

Service on the Vodafone network is currently on the 3G band but the network is going to offer 4G LTE services in the UK starting spring of next year. Currently, Vodafone is going to feature the iPhone 5 on contract basis along with various high end Smartphone’s. The monthly plans at Vodafone range from a mere £13 a month to as much as £50 per month depending on the phone. The starter plan gives 100 UK minutes, 100MB of internet in the UK and unlimited texts whereas the best plan offers unlimited texts and minutes and 2GB of internet. Most of the phones, even the best Smartphone’s are given for free with the 24 month contract but the latest ones such as the iPhone 5 warrant a onetime payment. Vodafone also upgrades to a better phone at the expiry of your contract. The prices here too depend on the Smartphone that you want to upgrade to but they are quite reasonable when compared to the existing market prices. Moreover, the variety of Smartphone’s ranges from the iPhone to Android phones and Windows Phone devices from manufacturers such as Samsung, Nokia, Sony etc.

The network is also offering mobile internet services for the Smartphone as well as for computers. You can access the Vodafone internet network via a mobile broadband plan that runs on a USB dongle. Internet access through these dongles also runs on the Vodafone network, which is currently offering HSPA+ speeds i.e. a maximum of 21Mbps but that will soon increase with the upgrade to 4G LTE services. The plans for these dongles are 30 day plans, 18 month plans and pay as you go deals with the prices depending on the data limit.

The Vodafone service is quite reputed and has a lot of users because of the network proliferation. Its signal reception is strong in the popular areas and is quite extensive. The main issues that customers are known to report are the excess use charges for calls and data both on phones and the USB dongles. In addition, it is Vodafone’s policy to have the bill delivered in a 15 day advance period, something that not everyone is comfortable with. However, the deals and plans are pretty reasonably priced and the service is suitable for all types of users.