Virgin Mobile Review

Virgin Mobile UK comes from the Virgin brand that has a whole host of other services, all of which are known for their fun outlook. The mobile service has a lot of quirky features that keeps customers loyal and occasionally, attractive deals are thrown around for the benefit of customers. The service is quite widespread and its network of high speed internet is one of the best in the country. Currently, Virgin Mobile has a plethora of Smartphone’s to choose from and each one comes with great deals; some of them are even free with a specific plan and so forth. Virgin Mobile is also getting ready to launch 4G LTE services by the end of this year.

Virgin offers all the latest mobile phones including the latest Android and Windows Phone devices at great prices. They also offer the latest IPhone handset on competitive pay monthly contracts. It also features other high end Smartphone’s and older models in the market right now from leading mobile manufactures like Nokia, LG, Motorola, Samsung among others. Premium handsets mat incur an upfront cost to customers, however this can be quite reasonable. A lot of the popular and bestselling phones on virgin are available for free on contract. The pay monthly tariffs vary depending on the phone but you can get a 24 month contract for as low as £20 which includes 200 minutes, 500MB of data and 500 texts. The higher end Smartphone’s has a higher premium. Virgin premium plan at start at £33 per month and varies depending on the phone. With the premium plan, you get 2500 minutes and unlimited texts, data and minutes to landlines. This is in fact one of the most renowned deals on the network.

Applying to Virgin with bad credit

If you have bad or poor credit and you are looking to apply for a Virgin Mobile contract there are a few thing you should know. For your best chance of approval you will need to apply for a SIM only contract, Virgin offer a wide selection of SIM only contract with low monthly costs which are great value for money. Also you will need to apply direct with the network to have a better chance of being approved, you can apply direct with this network and any others network that offer contracts for bad credit right here.

The network is well known for its other services such as Virgin broadband, radio and TV, which are all branded as Virgin media. Customers of the Virgin Media group can get a good deal on the contracts with £5 off every month. The network also offers quite a few deals on its mobile broadband service which is well known for the wide UK network coverage that it has. For just £10 a month, you can get 1GB of data that can be accessed on your computer without having to setup a mobile hotspot on your phone. The mobile broadband network reportedly covers over 85% of the UK so you can be sure that you will be online wherever you go!

The Virgin network is among the best in the country and can offer you more than just a new mobile contract. Customers can benefit from added features on their phones and regular upgrades to the latest handsets, get discount on home broadband and TV packages. They offer some amazing SIM only contracts and are best for people who already have a virgin package to benefit from Virgins combo discounts.