Three Mobile Review

Three Mobile is a dominant network provider in the UK. It is a network that is specifically designed with the aim to provide better internet. Though it already provides advanced internet service on its network, Three is currently developing its latest mobile internet technology, called Ultrafast internet. As the name suggests, this technology aims to provide better and faster internet service to the customers.

At Three, you can shop for mobile handsets as well as contract plans. The Three Mobile web store offers a good collection of phones from various brands and also has tablets like the IPad. Being primarily an mobile internet service provider, Three also has mobile broadband devices such as the dongle and MiFi. The dongles are of two types, standard and premium. According to their website, both these dongles now provide much faster internet owing to the new HSPA+ (high speed packet access +) technology. You can also use Threeís SIM only plan for mobile broadband to gain access to their internet service. For instance, there is the £15.99 a month plan with a 1 month validity, which has a 5 GB internet allowance or the £7.50 a month plan, also with a 1 month validity, which has 1 GB internet allowance. When choosing your mobile broadband option, you can either choose to pay monthly or pay as you go. The pay monthly plan is suitable for those who use mobile broadband regularly. In this case, you can get a SIM, dongle or MiFi that comes with a fixed amount of data for a fixed monthly charge. The pay as you go plan is meant for those who use mobile broadband only occasionally. With these, you can get the aforementioned mobile broadband options with a certain amount of preloaded data, which you can then top up after it has been used.

Applying to Three Mobile with bad credit

Three Mobile are very understanding of individual needs and offer a wide range of SIM only deals and low pay monthly contract suited to people who donít have the best of credit. So if you are looking for a mobile contract for bad credit with Three mobile there are a few things you should follow when applying. Apply direct with Three mobile, keep your costs low and try and put down a deposit. Applying for one of the many SIM only contracts that Three offer will also give you an advantage as the cost and risk is kept low for the network.

If you already have a Smartphone, you can avail of Threeís SIM only plans. Using these, you can keep the same phone and same number, but you can have access to Threeís network and offers as well. They have a number of SIM only plans to choose from, depending on your usage and requirement. Like the mobile broadband plans, these plans are also either pay monthly plans or pay as you go plans. With all pay monthly plans, you can get nano-SIM, micro-SIM and the standard SIM, thus making it easy to find a SIM for any appliance that you are using. Some of the popular pay monthly plans include:

-The £6.90 a month plan with a 12 month validity, with 500 MB data, 200 minutes and 5000 texts.

-The £9.90 a month plan with a 1 month rolling contract, with 500 MB data, 200 minutes and 5000 texts.

-The £12.90 a month plan with a 1 month rolling contract, with all-you-can-eat data, 200 minutes and 5000 texts.

In addition to these, Three also has the Essential SIM 50 Blackberry plan, for £9.90 a month. As the name suggests, this plan is specially designed to suit the Blackberry device because it includes Blackberry Internet Services in addition to free data and texts.