SIM Only Contract Deals

SIM-only contracts are appropriate for those users that already have a handset they like and don’t wish to change it. You could opt for a sim-only contract if you are at the end of your current contract but want to retain your handset. Another great advantage of a sim-only deal is that you have the flexibility to switch between phones while maintaining the same number and contacts. People usually choose a sim-only package when they place greater value on a good call and text deal, not so much on a new handset. If you fit in any of these categories, you may be on the lookout for a sim-only contract.

How Do You Know Which SIM-Only Contract Suits You?

Several companies such as Vodafone, Orange, T-Mobile, Virgin, O2, etc., offer these deals. Each of these networks incorporates different specifications in its sim-only packages, so making a choice can be rather confounding. The elemental criteria that you can base your decision on are:

Price - General range is anywhere between £10-£30 per month

The type of handset you use – Smartphone/non-Smartphone, 3G-enabled, etc

Your phone habits and usage – Do you talk more or text more?

Contract length – Are you willing to commit for a long period to enjoy lower prices? • Purpose – Business user or personal user, traveling abroad, spare phone, etc.

Comparison of The Best Sim-Only Contracts by YOUR Phone Personality

The Texter: If you see texting as your most essential prerogative then you will be delighted by the unlimited texting sim-only deals from Orange, T-Mobile and Virgin. At £21/mo T-mobile also offers unlimited data and calls, but it can be availed for smartphones only. Its less pricey competitors Vodafone and Orange allow 500mb of data and 600 minutes with unlimited texting at £15.50/mo. If you want to cut the price further and don’t mind shaving off some minutes and data, you could opt for Virgin’s sim-only packages that are priced in the £5-£13 range.

Internet Junkie: If you incessantly browse maps, news, social media, etc., on your smartphone, you need a data-centric sim-only plan. In addition to T-mobile, Three offers a great unlimited data options in their sim-only contracts. Three’s sim-only plan costs £15.90 per month replete with 5000 texts and 600 minutes. Three Mobile is cheaper, at £10/mo, and equips you with unlimited texts. But, it gives you only 250 minutes.

Commitment-phobe: The idea of being bound to one contract for 12 months may be too intimidating for some. Orange, Virgin and T-mobile understand this and bring you one month rolling sim-only contracts. These plans start as low at £10 and give you the power to try a company for 30 days or one month, then you can renew this contract or take out a longer one. Perks such as unlimited usage are harder to find in one month rolling sim-only plans, but they are useful if you need a new SIM just for a short-term purpose such as traveling or a particular business/personal project.

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