Orange Mobile Review

Orange is one of UK’s premier mobile phone service providers and offers a wide range of services including contract deals with phones and mobile broadband services and even SIM free handsets. Orange offers in its monthly plans a variety of phones, a large number of which are smartphones. The service currently offers the leading smartphones such as the iPhone amoung others with some attractive deals.

The monthly plans from Orange, without a free phone, start from as little as £15.50 per month for those with basic requirements. This includes 50 minutes and 250MB of internet along with unlimited texts. The cheapest plan on Orange is for £10.50 per month that is quite heavily restricted in terms of usage with only 30 minutes, 500 texts and 100MB of data. These two plans are the basic ones and the higher priced ones offer more flexibility and usage and for £51 a month, you can have unlimited texts, minutes and internet on various iPhone models for free and for the same price but with the minutes restricted to 1200 per month and the data to 1GB, you can choose from 23 different phones from leading phone brands like Samsung, HTC and many more.

Applying to Orange Mobile with bad credit

Getting a new mobile contract with Orange even with bad credit should not be complicated. If you are currently a UK resident and have proof of ID then the application process should be just the same as any other person applying for a mobile contract. However if you do have bad credit the contract you choose to apply for will have the biggest impact on your acceptance rate. You will need to find a contract phone at a monthly cost that you can afford to pay or apply for a SIM only contract for which offer great value.

Orange also offers the option to get the latest Smartphone’s with an upfront cost. For example, the latest Samsung will be all yours for a onetime payment of £50 with a monthly plan that costs £36 per month for 24 months. Putting down a deposit means that people with poor credit can still get a contract phone deal with orange. Existing customers also have the option of upgrading to a better phone at a very reasonable price. Orange also has offers on lesser known mobile phones such as the Sydney from Orange, which comes with some cost saving measures.

The service is also known for its mobile broadband services. Mobile broadband is internet access through USB modems and this starts at £10 per month on an 18 month deal. The mobile broadband also runs on the same bandwidth that the network runs and this gives speeds matching the 3G and now, possibly the 4G speeds that Orange (EE) is offering in the United Kingdom.