Shared Data Contracts Coming Soon. Is 4G too Expensive?

EEAccording to UK customer surveys, 4G is still too expensive for them. Although the new tariffs from network releasing 4G this summer have not been revealed yet, consumers believe that their coming bills will be much more costly, if companies follow the pricing strategy that EE has taken, who are the first network to offer 4G.


To make up for these hiked prices EE has issued an update on the data contracts matter: customers will be able to sign up for data contracts that can accommodate multiple devices. The data allowance will be split between Smartphone’s in 4G and other tablets or mobile broadband devices you own.

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Budget Google Phone Planned for the UK

Google-moto-xGoogle is a giant not only in the Internet world, but are slowly expanding there expertise and knowledge to new markets. Most recently they are trying to change the mobile market place. Google has announced the coming release of a budget phones, the Google Moto X. The low cost phone is set to compete with the likes of the Samsung S4 and The HTC One X with a quad core processor but at a much lower price. This phone will be Google’s first budget phone set to make a statement to the rest of the market that the time of overpriced handsets have come to an end.

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Samsung Galaxy Mega UK Deals

samsung-galaxy-megaThe Samsung Galaxy Mega comes in two varieties: the 5.8 and 6.3-inch screens. The device is the perfect illustration of how Samsung aims to smudge the lines between Smartphone’s and tablets. The dimensions it goes for are unmatched in the Smartphone world.

Samsung Galaxy Mega delivers good performance, but not as remarkable as the S3 or S4. Both the small and the big one have an 8MP rear camera. The display shows everything sharp and clear. These are excellent for video watching and for Internet on the go.

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Ofcom Allows 4G Across Spectrum

Ofcom-4GOfcom, UK’s radio spectrum managing company, has made an important step in its delivery of 4G mobile services across the country. The next generation of broadband services is here. Ofcom’s auction was successful and competing companies have started to deliver improved mobile broadband (4G).

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Discounts on Virgin Pay Monthly Contracts

virginStudents can benefit of great mobile phone and tariff plan deals at Virgin. Owning a NUS Extra card can open the gate to important discounts which can be accumulated for maximum benefit. Their cumulative nature and the variety of devices and plans make Virgin ideal for shopping for that perfect offer.

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T-Mobile Contracts for Less than £10 a Month with a Free Phone

cheap-tmobile-dealsThe average UK citizen usually pays a £20-£30 pounds monthly to support their mobile phone contract. Competition and plummeting phone prices have led to some extraordinary offers advanced by leading brands like T-Mobile. The company now promises costs under £10 for those customers willing to purchase an uncomplicated device which contains mostly basic features. Here are the two phone models you can obtain for free if you decide to sign up for T-Mobile’s lowest priced deals.

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T-Mobile You Fix Contracts and Review -Capped contracts

t-mobileThe T-Mobile You Fix Plan allows you to control how much you are willing to spend on your monthly bills. Set your usage and never spend more than you have set to spend at the end of the month. If you want more usage you can choose to top up and use the the credit like normal. This is a plan that gives you total control over your bills thus helping you to live within your means and don’t spend too much money on items that are not priorities. More commonly known as capped contracts they are often used for young children and teenagers first contracts. You can apply for a capped contract with T-Mobile by clicking here.

The T-Mobile You Fix SIM Only Plans also allows you to determine how much to spend in your bills every month. Moreover, you are accorded the freedom to top up only if you feel that you need to. Nobody will force you to top up when you don’t see the need. It also allows you to keep your current phone, in addition to the number you presently own. There are two options for any person willing to work with the You Fix SIM Only Contracts. You can choose the £10.50 plan or the £15.50 monthly contract.

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The Best Contract Deals with a Free Iphone 5

iphone 5The iPhone 5 has been available in the UK market starting September, and different carriers have since availed it to its customers. While the iPhone 5 is far from a revolutionary gadget given what the competition has brought to the table, it has nonetheless amassed a huge following. It is these people who have become accustomed to the Apple ecosystem that keep the demand high. A one-off purchase of the Smartphone does prove costly, but worry not, because you can get the phone for free. Enough time has passed since its release for the UK networks to structure their contracts and make their offerings.

Getting any phone for free obliges you to commit to a contract, typically two years, with a specified minimum monthly payment. The amount increases as your talk time, texts and internet use increases. Most networks structure their plans around an unlimited plan, especially for texts and calls, with some of them offering an unlimited data allowance.

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In the Wake of the iPhone 5- Cheaper Contracts for the Iphone 4 and iPhone 4S

iphone5 or the iphone4sThe iPhone 5 has been in the spotlight for quite a while now. On the close of 2012, it was voted by some as the best phone of the year, outclassing every offering every other manufacturer had. While this winning sentiment might not be echoed by everybody, it does attest to just how complete the iPhone 5 is. It offers bigger screen estate, has a 326ppi density, which makes for one very stunning display. It’s thin and light, and is powerful enough to challenge all other quad-cores in the market.

Perhaps all this attention has dampened the view that people had on the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. The screen size difference is the most notable disparity, with the performance coming in second. Consequently, because more people are more interested in this latest release, the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S have little to fight for. Noting this trend, carriers have decided to offer more attractive contract deals, in the hope of keeping the sales of these predecessors alive.

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Cheap Smartphone’s Contracts for 2013

budget-smartphonesIf the time has come to ditch your old phone and move on to one of the most wanted Smartphone’s on the market, it would be best to take a look at the latest offers from Orange, T-Mobile, or Virgin Mobile. These operators have picked some of the top devices and customised a series of special deals to meet most people’s everyday needs on a budget. With these budget pay monthly phones you can watch the price of your monthly phone bill drop down while keeping up with the latest technology. Here are three of the top phones available and some tempting contract deals to with them.

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