Have you been refused a mobile contract? Find out what to do next .....

The first thing to is to check your credit history for any anomalies or mistakes. One of the most reason people are refused a mobile contract is because they have bad credit. You can check your credit report and credit score through a number agencies in the UK. Credit Expert offer a free trial to new customer wanting to check there credit history. Your credit score, a number between 0 and 999, tells credit providers like phone companies whether you are a reliable credit-seeker. Getting a contract with a leading network like Virgin, T-Mobile or Orange is a wildly popular consumer need, and considering the surging demand in the mobile contract market, phone companies are becoming increasingly discerning about whom they extend their contracts to.

When you are looking to form a new agreement with a phone network, you can choose between a mobile deal and a SIM only package. While the SIM only packages are more flexible and easy to secure, most people choose a mobile deal because it significantly reduces the cost of the handset. However SIM only contract have been shown to have a much higher acceptance rate than a mobile contract with a phone.

Criteria for a Mobile Contract Rejection and Next Steps

Once you apply for a mobile contract, the network will access your credit report and score. After a basic scan of your address, age and other personal details, this should all be correct and match your application to the letter. The network will then carefully look over your financial history. This includes everything from mortgages and bank loans to previous bills and credit purchases. They will use this to see how much credit they are willing to give you, so if you have poor credit go for a cheaper contract. The poor your credit the lower the credit amount will be. But, this does not mean that you can NEVER get a mobile contract even if you have very bad credit. Another phone network, or even the same one, would be willing to extend a contract to you if you carefully resolve the discrepancy in your credit report. For help on applying for a mobile contract with bad credit see our contract phone help pages.

Most importantly, when your mobile contract application is rejected, you must NOT re-apply right away at a different, or the same, network provider. The next application will go through the same credit vetting process and seeing the first rejection, you will definitely be turned down again. As you may guess, two rebuffs are harder to recover from. The wise course of action in the event of a dismissal of your application is to thoroughly delve into your credit history to find the miscreants. Wait at least 2 weeks before you apply for another mobile contract, and do it only after you are certain that you have made some positive modifications in your credit report. So check your report often to keep on top of your credit.

Common Credit Score Culprits That Stymie Your Way to a Mobile Contract

• Lack of registration with the local council

• Unpaid utility bills or the failure by utility agencies to report your payments to credit agencies

• Long-pending overdraft on your bank account

• Too small an account balance while applying

• No credit at all in the past

• CCJ’s or default on credit in the past

Sometimes in the case of a bad credit score, or if you are a student or a new immigrant in the UK, you will be required to pay a deposit before procuring a mobile contract. It is advisable to pay this, because it is always returned to you after 6-12 months of regular payments, and it a good booster for your credit report for future finance.