Contract Phones for people with no credit

Do you need help applying for your fist Mobile contract phone? Are you worried about having no credit and failing a credit check when you apply for a mobile phone contract?

Well you should be and we will tell you why. A lot of people applying for their first mobile contract worry that they have had little or no previous financing and believe that this means they have no credit history or bad credit. However, this is simply not the case. Your credit history is not simply made up from how many credit cards you have or how many loans you have paid off. Even if you just had a current account or a job that pays into your bank account all this adds towards your credit history. So although your credit score may not be high you do have one and you can apply for a mobile contract.

Just starting out

If you are just starting your credit life off with a recently opened bank account or a your first real job then when it comes to applying for a mobile contract a credit check may restrict the contracts you will be approved for. A lot of people in this situation will look for a mobile contract with no credit check in the hopes to avoid these restrictions. A “no credit check mobile contract” is not offered by any of the leading UK mobile networks, so we do not advise you to go looking for one.

If you have your heart set on the latest Smartphone and the deals are just not in your credit range yet there are things that can be done to help you build your credit and build rapture with a network. Appling for their entry level contract first is one of them, they offer a range of low end mobile contracts to get you started or SIM only contracts if you are looking to get a short term contract and then later upgrade your contract. Once you have been accepted on a contract with a network and start making regular payment they will be more enkindled to offer you better contracts at the end of your current contract. You can get a SIM only contract that last for just 30 days at all these major networks.

How do I build my credit history?

Once you have started a mobile contract or any other form of credit your history will grow with every payment made. To make sure you keep your new credit good make sure you keep up with your repayments. As your life changes so will your credit score it will grow with almost every transition you make so you will be constantly building your credit. If you get a pay rise or keep up all repayment or win the lottery this will all go towards improving your credit for the future. How evrey miss payment and defaults will also count against you and give you bad credit. You can also get bad credit if someone uses your credit for fraud. So you should always keep an close check on your credit. You can see how to improve your credit and why you should check it on our “How to improve your credit” page.