Applying for a Contract Phone for Bad Credit

Have you been refused a mobile phone contract because of bad credit? Are you worried about re-applying because you think that you will not get accepted no matter what contract you apply for? Well you should not worry as long as you’re a UK resident and have proof of ID then you should be able to successfully apply for a mobile phone contract. On this page you will find essential help and advice on how to find and apply for a mobile phone contract for people with bad credit so that you can get your best possible acceptance rate next time you apply.

How to find mobile contracts suited to people with bad credit.

When it comes to finding the right mobile contract to apply to it can be very tempting to apply for a contract with the latest Smartphone to be released. However, it is these types of contracts that tend to have the lowest acceptance rates. So if you do not have the best financial history then these are the types of contracts you need to avoid.

You will want to get accepted on any contract which you can afford to pay that meets your needs. This way you will have chance to build your credit history with a chosen network before you upgrade at a later date to a contract with the latest handset. You can do this very easily with a one month rolling SIM Only contract. One month rolling SIM contracts have some of the best acceptance rate out of all the mobile contracts available to you.

Where you should apply to

Why choose a rolling SIM only contract?

Not only will a SIM only contract offer you a better acceptance rate than applying for a high end phone, they also allow you to build your credit history with a network. They are also low risk to you as they have very low monthly costs associated with them and they are only short term contracts. The benefit of a 1 month contract will be that if you make regular payment on this contract the mobile company will be making regular contact with you to retain your custom for the following month. If you are happy with the network and they are happy that you are making your payment you will soon be able to come to an agreement on a new longer term contract which may include the phone you really wanted in only a couple of months. For people with poor credit this is the only real solution for your predicament.

If you do get a SIM only contract but still need a phone to go with it they you will have to buy your phone separately. You can see a wide selection of phone available to buy on credit on our “New Phones on Credit” page. This is a great way to get the phone you want now and team it up with a SIM only contract to make sure you get the best use out of it.

What you should have ready before you apply

You will need:

• Some form of payment, so have your bank details or your credit or debit card details handy.

• A UK residential address for delivery purposes as some companies will not deliver to industrial addresses.

• Any past addresses you have lived at in the past 3 years. If you have just immigrated to the UK you will be asked to state that you live out of the country in this time.

• Proof of ID. Passport, driving licence among others.

• Means to pay a deposit if you are applying with poor credit.