Alternatives to mobile phone contracts

When it come to alternatives to a mobile phone contract there are not many option that really match up. A lot of the people that look for alternatives to phone contracts do so because they do not want to get tied into a long term contract with a network or believe that they will not get accepted by any network for a mobile contract. For these types of people there are still a few options out there for them.

These options are to get a free pay as you go SIM card or a short term SIM only contract and team it up with a phone. When you buy a phone without a contract from a network they provide free pay as you SIM cards with each handset. If you already have a phone but no SIM card or are looking for short term SIM contract you can apply direct for a SIM at the network sites. To access network sites see our apply page, there you will find network review and links to network sites.

Alternatives to buying a mobile phone

The newest Smartphone’s that are hitting the market today seem to only be getting more and more expensive so can be very hard to afford without signing up for a contract. To get the latest Smartphone SIM free or on pay as you go could cost you upwards of £500. However there is a way you can spread the cost of a mobile phone to suit your needs. A number of sites are now offering mobile phones to buy now and pay later. Spreading the cost of the phone over a monthly basis like this is just like a mobile contract would be, but will allow you to use any SIM you already own. This way you can upgrade your phone early or keep a rolling SIM contract which are great value and still get the latest phones. Buying a pay as you go phone this way means that you will also be provided with a free SIM so you can use your new handset straight away.

Mobile phones on credit

Buy a brand new mobile phone on credit and increase your chance of being approved on a mobile contract if you team it with a SIM only contract. Buying phones on credit without a network service provider means that you can keep the handset payment separate from your usage payments. This is great for people with bad credit that can get accepted on a mobile contract with a free phone to see where to apply for a phone on credit click here.

Pay as you go mobiles with buy now pay later

You can now spread the cost of a mobile phone without taking out a contract with a number of retailers online. Use your existing pay as you go number or get a new pay as you go SIM card to use the phone on your selected network and not worry about paying for the phone upfront. You can get the latest Smartphone’s as well as some of the most popular phones right now and pay for them later on. To see a list of retailer that offers this serve click here.